Atlantic Back

by Touchy Mob

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    silvery CD, individually 'tagged' with bits of lyric, in cardboard sleeve, and a little piece of paper with a mechanical duck and a URL, hand-numbered, artwork showing the inside of the 'DJ' crater on the Acores island of Faial, and flipped, some chillin girls.

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i'll fix us a drink go down to the shore break into the paid beach timely at midnight residual light it's easy to see that three hours west the sun is still setting right about now setting foot into a creepy radio station for movies of zombies oh it got blurry is it fog is it clouds that surrounds me i hurry taking photos to swagger saw a hole in the atlantic back where local cows go to expire and it says DJ catchy i thought it would be playing that eerie tune catchy i thought it would be playing that old song on the new horns for you if illusion's the mother of art i wanna be artist nature is droughty i'm walking barefoot on it's carcass may troubly disguise fail to hide that you're just a goddess it would be nice to know what they imbibe on the roof palaeographical bliss and the sound of the parties breeding my envy and hugging my feet in the ground i might go ahead and perspire as much as i manage revolting against any weather stopped making sense how be ablazed if my blood is already cooking the skin is so fine so fine i can see the rose flesh shimmer right through it catchy i thought it would be playing that old song on the new horns for you maybe my blood's boiling down baby i'll keep you fevering my nervous lips are a promise to keep you in heat OK let's go on vacation come hop on my hunchback as a prevision of safety i'll have you for lunch it's perfect exactly 37° inside me if every place grows bellicose you can still live inside me
let's full stop now see how we got up here wait for a story to interfere let's bulldoze around till they defy a ban on things lather our teeth on piano strings gasping lukewarm you promised i burned my foot in the bath who'd ever mind the aftermath o pale peel only the jokes grow never old your wet hair catches a thunderbolt shit time be my brother i wanna love you and i wanna feed you with poison like family does spook town be my brother i wanna love you like carp loves the basin language be my brother i wanna love you i want to make your heart a drunk fuck foam born be my brother i wanna love you and i wanna foster my carelessness on your mammary/memory gland let's hark back together i would never be late for that never behindhand for that let's slow down figure out how to talk to the homely face i never mind the lonely days lasting
Crooked Lust 06:43
"i was born a ghost an apparition filled with holes and contradiction and i fear i'm the only one so i wake early watch the leaves quake see the first light braze the trees i hide myself in a secret place here i know my heart i know it's careless but darling you seem like you're fearless and maybe you're my perfect fix my conscience is an avalanche majestic bewildering and wholly careless crooked lust so i live with the tide i live in reverence and know my days are endless endless but darling you seem like you're anxious my conscience is an avalanche majestic bewildering and wholly careless crooked lust" – phil moore – of the bowerbirds
have your silver ready what life is short no 1 buries his friends no 1 kills the daddys what don't get caught and the year starts again where's your ship heading what i've been bought but there's no money involved have your slippers ready what this is sport and the lesson is it's a tawdry table what your blood is my nightcap it relaxes me plenty of creatures and you what makes you king of the hill comely are you so easy on the eye what do my notes say killer cute foxy rolling dictionaries what i'm trying but i can't remember shit happening
Baby Look 03:36
baby look the queen has left some food for us steaming on the patio rome is like berlin ain't got no beach but its best friends live bathing all along the northern coast baby look the queen has left berlin and all there is is smoky residue i'm in great despair now put aside the things you wear the song goes on and on and on and on heavy bears the teenage tree the baby skin that peaches me i'll come again lonely floats a sunday square i'll cook the team i'll drum the ball i saw you there they came for porn the people in the cinema but only get the waving drapes clap you bastards clap this song needs guns i saw my soul in hell she likes the way it's built
Ling Ling 06:28


released April 28, 2011


all rights reserved



Touchy Berlin, Germany

vollgefressen schleiche trotzdem um den kühlschrank

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