from by Touchy Mob



as soon as you got on board
closing your coat high against the cold
and you made yourself praise the decoration
admire the architecture
when you set first foot on shore
there must have been a moment
a blue note of nature when you found yourself
worshipping this weird view
where do they walk?
you got a good look on it
but you just made yourself
admire the architecture
this is casual and it will only become
more casual and more casual and
probably immortal and probably work
as a red eye reduction of memory
punctual and pointless
and as soon as you got on board
you will have learned to remove
quite the dust quite the noise from the panorama
from the weird view
leaving you unframed time
and well balanced love
to admire the architecture
and the beauties using it


from Pets Of Plenty, released September 14, 2009


all rights reserved



Touchy Mob Berlin, Germany

look what i made here wow snared in the opiated serene kowtow woozy i turned to salt i understand it now the move i understand it now my flesh its form i understand it now but then it still shows the same boy black and white and not sure if it's blue i canonize what's true i'll string i'll make you bow i understand it now drum roll seems i understand it now yeah i cry i understand it now but then ... more

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