cutting the wires clean
painting the walls with a sea view
the kids wearing horrible masks
you really want me to feed you
this is my holiday
am i jewel to you
refracting the daylight forever
cage me in cuttlebone
where are we sailing again?
this is my holiday
someone is coming i hear
i hope it’s not after me
you may hold my hand if you want to
channel the energy
no one gets hurt today
this is my holiday
come and lie down with me
we’re sharing a bodybag
how nasty and purple we grow
i want my body back please
happy hunting grounds
i hate what you’ve done with the place
i’m making you captain us
and nobody’s perfect except the captain
you want me to feed you
come and lie down with me
everyone gets hurt today


from Let My Wild Boys Shine in the Boomers, released July 13, 2015


all rights reserved



Touchy Mob Berlin, Germany

look what i made here wow snared in the opiated serene kowtow woozy i turned to salt i understand it now the move i understand it now my flesh its form i understand it now but then it still shows the same boy black and white and not sure if it's blue i canonize what's true i'll string i'll make you bow i understand it now drum roll seems i understand it now yeah i cry i understand it now but then ... more

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